Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goldberry Square Landscaped To Sell

In today's competitive real estate market anything you can do to increase your chances of achieving a successful sale the better.

Did You Know?
  • 63% of buyers drive by homes before choosing which ones they would like to view.
  • Spending just $400 to $500 on fresh landscaping, can boost your home's value by $1,600 to $1,800. (Home Gain Survey 2007)
  • A Maritz survey says that 63% of buyers will pay more for move-in ready homes.
  • Statistics show that 80% of home buyers preview properties on the internet. Enhancing your landscaping (thus curb appeal) will help to provide you with great photos for your internet and print ad advertizing.
It does not have to cost an arm and a leg, even modest improvements like weeding, edging and pruning can add to your properties appeal. Use your homes estimated value as a guide when determining home much to spend on any home improvements including landscaping. Another good guide is to use neighbouring homes as a yard stick.

Below is an example of a property I recently landscaped in preparation for market.

The Plan
A shattered marriage was forcing this home onto the market and the home owner had 2 weeks to prepare the home for sale. One of the first things she did after hiring a Realtor  was to call me (a old church aquaintence) to help her re-landscape her front beds in order to add a little curb appeal. The budget was tight and time was short but I managed to squeezed her in and to create and install a simple yet attractive, cost effective design.
My primary focus for the design was to make the beds look clean and tidy, healthy and well maintained. I stuck to simple trees and shrubs that tend to get showy quickly and are generally known and popular with the general public.
The home owner was delighted with the results and through teary eyes hugged me and thanked me. I love my job!
 Now all that is left for the home owner to do is to fully remove all clutter from the area, set out a few flower pots and perhaps add a few seasonal flowers to the new garden beds.


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