Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Small Narrow Backyard Makeover

Small narrow backyards always pose a unique challenge.

In this garden bed design my client wanted to remove all of the lawn and to replace it with something fairly low maintenance. She wanted to make the area more visually appealing  and to create a space where she could sit to enjoy a cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine.

An ornamental shrub garden was the perfect design solution for her needs. Once the shrubs are well established caring for this garden bed will be a snap requiring only occasional weeding, occasional watering and occasional pruning. By selecting a variety of trees, shrubs and grasses (even lavender) in varying heights, textures and shapes and paying special attention to season interest this garden will look good through all the seasons.

The area between the town house and  fence was a catch-all for weeds and garbage. To tidy-up this area and to reduce over-all maintenance we choose to cover the area with first a thick layer of news print followed by a layer of  landscape cloth and finally a 4" layer of pea-gravel. This should keep the area free of weeds and looking much tidier.

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