Thursday, July 28, 2011

Front Yard Makeover On Jones Ave. Whitby, Ontario


This front yard of long time friends of mine really didn't look all that bad but many of the shrubs had reached their life span and slowly one by one they had been replacing them. When their euonymus (against the house) got scale and one of the potentilla failed to make it through the winter I suggested to them that they might get a better result if they started from scratch and let me plan out a cohesive design rather than keep piece mealing. 

In creating a design for them I wanted their curb appeal to really rock. With an eye to resale I know that almost nothing gets buyers in the door faster than great curb appeal. I also wanted the design to look good year around and to be fairly low in maintenance and  watering requirements. I also wanted to somehow minimize the impact of their (new) orange, front door.

When they saw the designs they were instantly sold and we headed out to the garden nurseries that same day to purchase all of the materials. The entire installation (including removal of old plant material) was done in one day. My clients were thrilled with the results (as were one of their neighbours who saw the new landscape design and hired me to do theirs as well).



  1. Great makeover. Love the circular planter and spot color provided by the blooms.

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