Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great Plant Combinations

 Whitby, Ont.
This beautiful perennial border pictured here in late June/early July is absolutely exploding with colour. The lavender coloured Stachy's Hummelo with its elegant lavender wands is backed by (red) Maltese Cross ('lychnis chalcedonica') to the left and red Phlox to the right. Behind that you will see little splashes of yellow which is Evening Primrose and a large Anna Belle Hydrangea. A basket of yellow Tuberous Begonias has also been added to the equation to add further colour and drama to the border.

Photo of my garden taken June 2009
This elegant plant combination again pictured in June begins with a white Peony to the left. Out front and to the left are Dianthus Pinks and a Lavender plant that is just beginning to flower. Nestled in behind the Lavender is the perennial Salvia with an abundance of purple wands and a Clematis ('Polish Spirit') which helps to add height and drama to the bed. The red flowers to the right of that are Maltese Cross ('lychnis chalcedonica') with a day lily (currently not in bloom) directly growing in front of that. Heuchera 'Peach Melba' is the final plant visible in this photo adding additional colour and textural relief.

 Brooklin, Ont.
This pretty combination grows in a mix of sun and shade under the canopy of an old Juniper. The white Astilbe intertwines with yellow Evening Primrose to lighten and brighten the area beneath this interesting tree. The occasional pink Asiatic Lily comes up here and there to keep things fun.

 Brooklin, Ont.
This English style cottage garden is alive with colour. The orange Asiatic Lily to the far left is backed by white arbours full of hot pink climbing roses. In back of the bird bath are several phlox plants awaiting their turn to bloom while Stella d'oro Daylilies with their profusion of yellow blooms steals the show. At the very front of the border Marigolds bloom all season to help keep the show going. The red flowers in the upper right are Once again Maltese Cross.

 Whitby, Ont.
This elegant spring display consists of a Flowering Almond shrub accented with purple tulips (with a few accidental white one's mixed in to the equation, thanks to the squirrels) and a Dwarf Barberry shrub.

Oshawa, Ont.
In this final photo a colourful collection of annuals is added to this otherwise drab shrub garden. Out in front you have white Alyssum. In back of that are small mounds of pink Begonias ('Cocktail Mix') and some sunny yellow Marigolds. To add some visual height and additional colour blue/purple wands of the annual Salvia ('victorias blue') are interspersed here and there. The shrubs consist of a collect of junipers, boxwood and Euonymus. The raized bed to the upper right consists of a similar mix with the addition of dusty miller (out front and to the right) and Dahlias (the taller flowers located at the rear of the bed).

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