Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Trees Make The Best Christmas Trees?

If you have opted to go for a real Christmas tree this year you may be left wondering what is the best type of Christmas tree to buy! Following is a list of a few tree choices and their characteristics.

Balsam fir: Is my favourite and is considered to be one of the most traditional Christmas trees. Balsam Fir is a short needled tree, very aromatic with a nice tall slender shape. They tend to be quite full and easy to clean up from.

Picure from Taylor Trees
Douglas fir: Is also a nicely shaped and proportioned tree with slightly longer needles than the balsam.

Matthes Tree Farm

Fraser fir: Very similar in shape to the balsam but with 1/2-inch to 2/3-inch needles that are a beautiful dark green on the top and silvery underneath.

Picture from Quality Fraser Fir Farms

Noble fir: A lovely layered tree that's extremely aromatic, with short, 1-inch needles. The species is native to the West Coast, but is gaining popularity throughout the U.S. It is similar in shape to a Douglas fir but is a deeper, richer green

 Picture from A&E Farms

Scotch pine: Though native to Europe, the Scotch pine is the number one-selling tree in the U.S. Its branches curve upward, making them perfect for hanging heavy ornaments. Their needles are soft and long (aprox. 3"). The tree is full with a deep green colour. They can get a little sappy and tend to be messy to clean up.

 SnowKist Tree Farm

What makes the best Christmas tree? You be the judge!

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  1. scotch pine i love the long needles and the spread fi the branches won't buy nothing eles