Friday, December 10, 2010

Front Entrance Doors For Curb Appeal

Your front entrance door is one of the most important elements that goes into the development of a great curb appeal. Choosing a door that is well suited to the architecture of the home is very important. Other factors to take into consideration when selecting a new front entrance door are:

  • The value of the home
  • Neighbouring homes
  • Your geographical location
  • Your homes colour palette
  • The size of the home.

The Architectural Style Of The Home:
Choosing a door that is in keeping with the architectural style and integrity of the home is so important. You want that door to look as though it belongs there. Choosing a door that is radically different from the character of the home will usually negatively affect your properties curb appeal rather than enhance it (no matter how nice or expensive the door is).

The Value Of The Home:
Whether you are enhancing an existing door or installing a new one make sure that the quality and the value are in keeping with the overall quality and value of the home. A cheap door on an expensive home will look all the more cheap and an expensive door on a lower priced home will make the rest of the home look cheaper.

Neighbouring Homes:
Take a good look at the other homes in your immediate neighbourhood. What is the standard your neighbourhood has set for entrance doors? Although it is not necessary to be the same as everyone else your home should a least be comparable in both quality and style.

Your Geographical Location:
The type of door you select will to some degree depend upon the climate of the city or region you live in. Homes in Northern Canada will need to focus on thermal quality while homes in Southern California are freer to select all glass doors.

You're Homes Colour Palette:
Your front entrance door should stand out from the rest of the house (but in an elegant way) and be visible from the street. Contrary to popular practice your garage door should not be the focal point of your home. Down play its visual impact through the use of colour. Similarly use colour (or distinction) to draw attention to your front entrance door. Red can be a great colour for accomplishing this but there are many other great chooses. Make sure the colour you select harmonizes well with the overall colour scheme of the home and the other colour accents you have used (such as shutters and garage door). If you are uncertain as to what colour to choose hire a professional colour consultant. It is well worth the investment.

The Size Of The Home:
Choose a front entrance door that is in scale with the house as a whole. Large homes require large entranceways with double doors and/or glass panes flanking each side. Smaller homes on the other hand will look more proportioned with single door entrances. If you plan on keeping your existing door and are looking for ways to increase its visual size and appeal try adding some door mouldings. They are a fast and effective way to add both visual size and appeal.

Spend as much as your budget will allow. This is an important investment that will affect both the value of your home and its curb appeal for many years to come. Once your new door is installed (or existing door over hauled) try adding a few finishing touches to further enhance your properties curb appeal. Adorn your door with a pair of urns filled with topiary or seasonal plants and perhaps a door wreath. Shine up your light fixtures or up-date them and make sure your house number is visually attractive and visible from the street. Before long you will begin noticing heads turning as they drive or walk by your home. A sign of a job well done!

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