Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loving Your Garden To Health

As a Professional Gardener I have had the opportunity to work in many different gardens and for many different home owners. Some of these home owners have been passionate gardeners in their life time, having devoted countless hours to first the creating of and then care of their gardens. Under their love and care these gardens have thrived. Are these gardens perfect? By no means, yet there appears to be sense of balance, a state of equilibrium.

I could not tell you for certain whether any of these gardeners go so far as to talk to their plants, but love their gardens they do. This love appears to create a positive energy or vibration that the plants seem able to pick up on and respond to, much like people do.

Likewise, I have observed that when there is a shift in this positive energy these very same gardens begin to decline. This rather strange phenomenon is not new. In her novel 'The Secret Garden' Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote about this very phenomenon back in 1910. In this story a garden was hidden away behind a wall of trees and a locked door. This secret garden, in spite of expert care, was ill and slowly dying until a young girl accidently stumbled upon it. As she began to secretly care for this garden and invite her friends to join her here the garden began to respond. Feed by this positive energy the garden once again began to flourish much to the surprise of its owner.

Plants, like all living things, appear to be sensitive to the energy around them. If you want to see your garden thrive try Loving Your Garden To Health.

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