Thursday, September 9, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #20

Home Accessorizing Tip #20
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Choose Accessories That You Love Or That Have Personal Value To You

Choosing the most effective accessories for your decor utilizes all of the principles of good design, but what would be the value of a beautiful well designed vase if it was not beloved by its owner. Therefore another important ingredient that will help to determine the success and enjoyment of your decor is to choose accessories that you personally enjoy.

An exception to this rule would be if you were staging your home to sell. In which case you would depersonalize your space and go with attractive on trend accessories that compliment the decor. Otherwise choose accessories that will reveal a little bit about yourself and the other occupants of the home. What are your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes? Choose accessories that tug on your heart strings and bring you much joy.

Remember that accessories are the glue that pulls the entire decorating scheme together. Choose them wisely and they will bring you many years of service and enjoyment.

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