Thursday, September 9, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #19

Home Accessorizing Tip #19
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Use The Golden Mean to Assist You in Choosing Accessories With Pleasing Proportions and to Guide Your Placement of Them in Your Decor

The Golden Mean also known as Divine Proportion is a mathematical formula for spatial relations. It can be use to both determine and create the most aesthetically pleasing proportions both in the design of your accessories and in their placement. The formula can be successfully applied to many areas of the decorating realm including:

* The creation of art

* Furniture design and placement

* Accessory design and placement

* Choosing wall paper

* Choosing colours

* Choosing patterns and prints

* And of course in architecture

To determine the golden mean measure the length of your line in inches. This line may be a walls height or width, the height of an accessory or fireplace mantel etc. Take that measurement and multiply it by .618. The number attained will be the best proportion to use in combination with the whole.

To better understand this principle and its uses in decorating your home I will give a couple of examples of how to use this equation to solve your decorating needs.

Example #1:
Let's say you have a typical ceiling height of 8', converted to inches that would be 96". Take 96 and multiply it by .618 this will equal 59.328; this would be the best height at which to place a point of interest like the focal point of your art work, a vase or a lamp. A second pleasing point of interest would be 36", which is the overall height minus 59. To help determine the best accessory to place on an end table subtract the table's height from 36". This will give you the height at which to place a point of interest (it does not have to be the actual height of the object just a visual point of interest that will draw the attention of the viewer).

Example #2:
A wall measuring 10' long should be covered with approx. 74" of furniture and accessories. (10'x12=120" 120x.618=74.16) This would mean that a 60" loveseat paired with a 14" side table would full fill the golden mean.

Other examples of this ratio:

* A 90" sofa would look best with a 55" sofa-table backing it.

* The most pleasing height for a lamp shade placed on a 20" tall lamp would be approx. 8" (20"x.618= 12.36) (12" base + 8" shade= 20")

* An 8' high wall with a 36" buffet table placed against it would full fill the golden mean with a 23" vase displayed on it.

Note: Your proportions need not be exact use this formula merely as a guide. Once you understand and learn how to apply this formula you will be able to mentally determine pleasing proportions without the use of a calculator. To further develop this skill, observe nature and the proportions you find within. Nature has both mastered and inspired the formula for the golden mean.

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