Friday, September 10, 2010

20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home

Learn how to accessorize your home like the Pro's. These 20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home complete with links to their corresponding articles will give you the ammunition you need to create beautiful interiors every time.

1. Start With a Plan

2. Accessories Should Serve a Purpose

3. Use Accessories To balance The Colour Scheme

4. Accessories Should be in Scale With The Room And The Furnishings

5. Accessories Should Enhance The theme Of The Room

6. Use Accessories To Strengthen or Create The Main Focal Point In The Room

7. Place The Largest Accessories First

8. Vary The Height Of Accessories In A Grouping For More Interest

9. Vary The Size And Shape Of Accessories In A Grouping

10. Use Symmetrical Arrangements for Formal Decors and Asymmetrical For Informal

11. Match Paint Chips to Your Furnishings and Accessories Then Take These Colour Chips With You When Shopping for New Accessories

12. Repeat a Colour at Least Three Times in a Room

13. Hang Art Work At Eye Level

14. Place Mirrors So That They Reflect Something Beautiful

15. Group Collections Rather Than Scattering individual items around the room.

16. Think Outside Of The Box. Use an Existing Accessory In a New and Exiting Way

17. Do Not Over Accessorize

18. Choose Lamps That Not Only Coordinate Well With Your Decor But That Also Provide Adequate Lighting For The Rooms Needs

19. Use The Golden Mean to Assist You in Choosing Accessories With Pleasing Proportions and to Guide Your Placement of Them in Your Decor

20. Choose Accessories That You Love Or That Have Personal Value To You

(Click on the blue sub-headings to read more about that particular tip.)

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