Sunday, August 22, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #9

Home Accessorizing Tip #9
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Vary The Size And Shape Of Accessories In A Grouping

When choosing accessories for your home carefully study each item, how tall is it? What is its overall size and shape? As mentioned in tip #8 varying the height of objects in a grouping is more visually appealing than using accessories that are all the same height. The same goes for an accessories size and shape. Choosing a variety of accessories that vary in size and shape will usually be more appealing than choosing accessories that are all the same.

Following are a few examples and ideas for varying the size and shape in your displays:

* When displaying a table top arrangement of rectangular shaped photo's in frames try adding round pillar candles or a round or oval basket (possibly even placing a couple of small frames in the basket). Even adding a plant will help to break up the monotony and add interest to the display,(it's leaves provide a contrasting shape as does the plants over all shape).

*The same goes when displaying a grouping of pictures on the wall. If you want the overall display to appear as one to the mind's eye then stick with the same or similarly shaped frames. But if you want the grouping to appear not only as a unified grouping but you also want the viewer to notice each and every piece, then you will need to add contrasting shapes and sizes to accomplish this. i.e. Combining a round mirror, a square print, a long rectangular print and several rectangular pictures in perhaps varying sizes will be more visually exciting than a display consisting of all the same sized rectangular shaped pictures.

* To add visual interest to a candle display try varying not only the height of the candles but also the size. Combining a 4" wide by 7" tall pillar candle with a 3" wide by 5" tall and a third that is 2" wide and 3" tall will be more visually stimulating than three 3"X5" candles. There is also no reason the candles all have to be the same shape (in this case round pillars). Try substituting a ball or square shaped candle instead.

* Creating a floral arrangement provides another great example of this tip. A floral bouquet or arrangement that consists of a single flower choice (all the same colour, size and shape) will be visually less exciting than using a combination of flowers that are of different sizes, shapes and colours.

There is a time and a place for uniformity and subtle less stimulating displays. However, rooms that lack visual interest can be experienced a boring and monotonous. The opposite is also true. A room that is overly stimulating can create an unsettled feeling. The key is to find a balance well suited to the theme and function of the room.

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