Thursday, August 19, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #8

Home Accessorizing Tip #8
(from 20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Vary The Height Of Accessories In A Grouping For More Interest

Whether your grouping consists of 3 items (as the one shown) or 30, varying the height to include high, middle and low ranges will greatly increase the visual appeal of your display. If you are displaying a collection of similarly sized items here are a few tips to try:

* Try elevating accessories by placing attractive books beneath them. This technique works well with most types of displays. Lamps often benefit from this. Be sure to place the books with their spines facing out for greater visual appeal.

*Other items that work well as lifts are vases, wine glasses, cake pedestals with or without the dome, jewellery or decorative boxes, small pedestals risers (wood/plaster/marble etc.).

* Mount one or more small shelves on the wall behind your display and arrange some of your collection on them.

* Display some of the collection in a decorative basket or other attractive container.

* Add one or two strikingly different accessories that are not part of your collection that are added solely to add interest and visual appeal. click for an excellent example of this. Another take on this technique would be to add a book about collections to your collection and perhaps a photo or picture or two of your collection or another collection.

For other great ideas on arranging collections check out this book 'Living with What You Love' by: Monica Rich Kosann.

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