Sunday, August 15, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #6

Home Accessorizing Tip #6
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Use Accessories To Strengthen or Create The Main Focal Point In The Room

Every room needs a main focal point, the spot where the eyes are first drawn too before exploring the rest of the room. Many rooms have a natural focal point like a fire place or a window with a beautiful view. If you should happen to have a room that lacks such a natural focal point don't fret, for one can easily be created through the proper use of accessories.

To create a focal point for your room using accessories try one of these options or experiement with one of the many other options open to you.

* Colour has long been used as a means to draw attention. Place a large bold coloured print on a light coloured wall and the eye will immediately be drawn to it. The reverse is also true. Use a light coloured print on a bold wall.

* The largest piece of furniture can often act as a focal point. An example of this is a bed in a bedroom or a sofa in a livingroom. Strengthen the effect by adding a supporting cast like a large print above the piece of furniture and end tables with lamps on either side.

* Texture is another way to create a focal point. Introduce an interesting but noticably contrasting texture to your room.

* A more complicated way to create a focal point, but equally powerful, is to graduate the size of items in a room. Start with small accessories and furnishings and gradually work up to larger and larger pieces. The eye will follow and stop at the largest piece, that will become your focal point.

* Unique accessories can often act as a focal point. The eye is naturally drawn to these special pieces.

* Add an artificial fire place to act as your main focal point. The effect will be similar to the real Mccoy.

* Lighting is another powerful way to create a focal point. Add spot lights or track lights to high-light your focal point.

* Pattern is another way to create a focal point. Use a bold and strickingly different pattern to draw attention.

* In order for one thing to be dominant means that everything else has to be sub-ordinate. By subduing other competing items in the room you will strengthen your main focal point.

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