Thursday, August 12, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #5

Home Accessorizing Tip #5
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Use Accessories To Enhance The theme Of The Room

Using accessories to support or even create the theme in room is one of the best ways to effectively pull off a themed room. Try hanging a ships wheel and paddle on the wall in a nautical themed room, hang a baseball bat on the wall and fill large glass jars with baseballs in a baseball themed room, for period decorating hunt antique stores for accessories that go with that period. What ever your theme the accessories you choose will either make or break the decor so shop carefully but have fun with this.

Here are a few theme ideas and potential accessories that could be used in them, but the sky is truly the limit:

Nautical Theme (a ships steering wheel, a fishing net, red/white/blue & yellow colour scheme, ships anchors, model ships, a mirror that looks like a porthole, ship masts, compasses...)

Jungle Theme (large tree branches, stuff jungle animals, heavy rope, animal print bedding or pillows, vines, palm trees, parrots, add a straw roof to the top of the chest or amoire, tree house bed...)

Dessert Theme (large decorative jars filled with layers of sand, cactus, rough nubby textures, lizards, tumble weeds, terracotta pots)

Fireman Theme (fire truck bed, fireman hat, fireman hose, fire truck light, ladder...)

Paris Theme (french style furnishings, bistro awning, Eiffel Tower, bistro table and chairs, wall decals of the word Paris or France, fresh flowers...)

Horse Theme (walls prints of horses, bridles, horse shoes, corral fencing, earth tone colour scheme, barn bed, saddle, horse head bookends, cowboy hat, cowboy boots...)

Colonial Theme (windsor chairs, sisal or persian rugs, ginger jars, vase lamps, linen tab style curtains held back with tie backs, table runner, cotton tufted chair pads, classic teak 4 poster bed, Campaign desk, Animal & Botanical Prints...)

Check out these links to view some amazing themed rooms:

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Note: The pictured ship wheel is from Seaside Treasures Price: $59.95

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