Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #2

Home Accessorizing Tip #2
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Accessories Should Serve a Purpose

Just as the various rooms in a home all serve a purpose ie: the bedroom is a place to sleep with maybe a quiet corner for reading and relaxing, the kitchen is a place for food preperation and possibly entertaining; so also must each of the accessories you place into a room serve a purpose.

Following is a list of some of the purposes an accessory may have. While the list is certainly not exhaustive it does provide a fair sampling of ideas.

* To support the function of the room: This is first and foremost. If you are selecting accessories for a bedroom you would not select serving bowels and cookware any more than you would select grooming products to accessorize your livingroom. Give thought to what the rooms function is and select only accessories that will strengthen and support the rooms function.

* To add colour: This is especially important in neutral coloured rooms where walls, floors, ceilings and perhaps even the furnishings are all a neutral colour. Adding colour through well choosen accessories helps to create interest and make the room more liveable.

* To draw the eye: (especially towards a focal point or away from an unattractive aspect of the room).

* To add comfort and warmth: Throw pillows and throw blankets are a great addition to family rooms and bedrooms. Not only do they function to add comfort they also add colour and texture while supporting and strengthen the prupose of the room.

* To balance a room: Accessories can be used to balance the colour scheme of a room or to add weight in order to perhaps balance out a heavy piece of furniture.

* To strengthen and support a theme: If your room has a theme like say a nautical theme, adding accessories like a paddle or a ships steering wheel etc. will serve to strenghten that theme.

* To create textural interest: A room that has all one type of texture can be very dull and boring. If your room is predominantly one texture use accessories to introduce new textures to the space.

* To to tie together a grouping: Often an accessory item is needed to help make another piece in the room make sense or to in some way tie two or more pieces together, ie: a buffet lamp or ginger jar placed on a buffet table will help to tie the picture hung above it to the buffet table itself. Rather than the eye seeing two seperate items it will see a grouping.

* To reflect an attractive view or add dimension: (as in the use of mirrors).

* To add interest: A room completely void of all accessories is indeed a dull and interesting space. Accessories give a room it's personality and make the space more enjoyable for it's occupants.

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