Sunday, August 29, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #15

Home Accessorizing Tip #15
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Group Collections Rather Than Scattering Individual Items Around The Room

People have a natural tendency to collect things. They collect everything from teddy bears to animal skulls. Some people even have a collection that they are completely unaware of. Grouping a collection rather than scattering the individual items around the room or home is an effective way to help avoid a cluttered look while at the same time maximizing your collections decorative value.

Other advantages of grouping your collections are:

* Adds prominence to the items in the collection. An elephant on a coffee table is just that, an elephant on a coffee table. Unless it is a really unique elephant it may go virtually unnoticed. Take that same elephant and group it with other elephant ornaments you have scattered around the home and voila that same elephant suddenly looks more important.

* Easier to clean and care for.

* Easier to inventory.

* Your display has the power to become a conversation piece and main focal area in a room when grouped. There truly is strength in numbers.

There are many ways in which to display your collections. The method you choose will depend upon what you are displaying and the size of your collection.

Check out these links for pictures and ideas on displaying collections.

* Radio collection

* Tea cup collection

* Glass bottle display

* Pinocchio collection

* Plate collections

Note: Photo of sea shell collection from Completely Coastal an inspirational and shopping blog for people who love the sea.

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