Friday, August 27, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #13

Home Accessorizing Tip #13
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Hang Art Work At Eye Level

One of the more common errors I see many home dwellers do is to hang their art work to high on the wall. When this happens the art work appears to be floating in space and gives the impression of being disjointed from the rest of the grouping.

As a guide line art work should be hung at eye level (where the center of the picture is approximately at the same height as your eyes). This will be
approx. 60"-66" when the picture is viewed from a standing position. When the art work will be mainly viewed from a seated position, such as in dining rooms or seating areas the art work usually needs to be lowered accordingly. Following are a few other guidelines for hanging your art work and wall displays.

* Hang art work no more than 6"-8" above the back of the sofa.

* A grouping of pictures should be thought of as one unit. Therefore the center of your grouping should be at eye level.

* When hanging a grouping first arrange your grouping on the floor or a large table. Measure the placement of each item or better yet arrange the grouping on paper and trace each piece onto it. Then use these measurements or template to determine where to place your nails or picture hooks. This technique can spare you allot of frustration and wall damage.

* Relate art work to wall size. A large wall will require a large piece of art or a large grouping while a smaller wall will look best with a smaller display. To bring an overly small picture into scale with its wall and surroundings try displaying a few smaller prints or accessories with it.

* When purchasing and hanging art work pay attention to the line. Will the piece or grouping create a strong horizontal or vertical line in the room? Horizontal lines tend to be calming and can add the illusion of width to a room, while strong vertical lines appear to add height to a wall.

* When hanging art work above a piece of furniture, whether it be a sofa, hall table or a bed it should be approximately 2/3 the size of the furniture piece.

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