Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #11

Home Accessorizing Tip #11
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Match Paint Chips to Your Furnishings and Accessories Then Take These Colour Chips With You When Shopping for New Accessories

Matching colour chips to any existing furnishings and accessories you plan to use in the new decor will save you a great deal of hassle and inconvenience. It may take a little extra time to select these colour chips but the advantages are well worth the effort.

A few of those advantages are:

* Accessories are much easier to cart around.

* You will reduce the risk of damaging your furnishings and accessories.

* You may save yourself the embarrassment of having a nervous store employee check you bag for shoplifting.

* Another added advantage is that you will become more aware and attuned to the colours in your room. This awareness will help to carefully select new accessories for your room that will enhance and strengthen your decor.

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