Monday, August 23, 2010

Accessorizing Your Home Tip #10

Home Accessorizing Tip #10
(20 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home series)

Use Symmetrical Arrangements to Add a formal Feeling to a Room and Asymmetrical to Create a More Informal Feel.

Whether you are arranging the furniture in a room, creating an accessory display or painting a canvas there must be balance. An equal distribution (either real or apparent) of colour, texture, weight & pattern.

Symmetrical balance (also called formal or bisymmetric balance) means that objects or areas are arranged identically on both sides of a real or imaginary center line. Being alike they attract equally. This type of arrangement requires pairs of things. The effect is formal, dignified and restful but may become monotonous if used to often in the same room. An example of this type of balance would be a fireplace mantle with a mirror placed exactly in the center and a pillar candle placed on each side of the mantle, equal distances from the mirror.

Asymmetrical balance (also called informal balance) on the other hand is much more subtle and imaginative. It allows for far greater variety and tends to be more liveable. In an asymmetrically balanced arrangement objects of different size, shape and colour are grouped so that there appears to be an equalized distribution of weight. Using the fire place mantle again as an example an asymmetrically balanced arrangement would be to place a large framed print in the center of the mantle adding a large vase to its left side and 2 candle sticks to its right.

Note: If one object is heavier, balance may be achieved by increasing the distance from the lighter object to the center point.

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