Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forcing Forsythia And Other Flowering Branches

Forcing Forsythia And Other Flowering Branches
By: Kimberley Pacholko
White Swan Properties

Take advantage of the season cut some flowering branches to enjoy indoors. Great candidates for cutting are Forsythia, Quince, Pussy Willows, fruit trees and Witch-hazel.

Here Is How
  • Cut your flowering branches on a sunny day when the temperature is above freezing.
  • Look for branches with lots of buds; flower buds are fatter and larger than leaf buds. When you are cutting your branches, consider this as pruning and shape the forsythia bush as you cut. Be sure to use a sharp knife or pruners to avoid tearing or damaging your plant and thus opening it up to the risk of insects or disease.
  • Once inside the house immerse the branches in a tub of water for several hours to fully hydrate the branches (if your flowers are already open or opening, skip this step).
  • Remove the hydrated branches from the tub and cut to desired length.
  • Make an incision approximately 4" in length up the middle of the base of the stem or gently scrap away about 1" of bark from the base of the branch (to open up more surface area for the branch to drink water).
  • Place branches immediately in a vase of warm water with floral preserve.
  • Place your vase in a warm sunny room until the blooms open then transfer to a less sunny area to enjoy.

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