Monday, March 15, 2010

Caring For Your Cut Tulips

Caring For Your Cut Tulips
By: Kimberley Pacholko
White Swan Properties

Basic tulip facts:
Tulips continue to grow after they have been cut. They will grow in the direction of the strongest light. Tulips are a cool weather plant and as such will perform best for you at cooler room temperatures.

Fresh Cut or Store Bought:
The best time of day to cut your tulips is first thing in the morning or late afternoon. Morning is when the plant is filled with stored food and the flowers are most fragrant. If you are buying store bought tulips choose tulips that are still closed but showing good colour.

Preparing Your Vase:
> Select your vase. Tall narrow vases work best but ginger jars also work well. > Adding a few marbles or coloured stone is not a must but it does help to keep the stems from sitting in the murkier water at the bottom of the vase.
> Placing a few pennies in your vase can help to extend vase life by acting as a fungicide.
> Add your commercial floral preservative or make your own home made preservative.
> Then add several inches of cold water. Your container does not need to be full.(Note: the usual custom with cut flowers is to use warm water in the vase because it has less oxygen in it. Spring flowers are an exception though. Warm water will cause them to open too quickly.)

Preparing your flowers:
> Remove foliage that will be below the water line.
> Place a small incision with a sharp knife, parallel with the stem, just below the flower. This will help to keep the stem straight.
> Make a 2” to 3” slit in the bottom of the tulip stem (running parallel with the stem). This will help to ensure good water uptake.
> Place flowers immediately in the prepared vase of water.
> Display your vase in a spot out of direct sunlight.
> Keep water clean and topped up.

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