Monday, February 8, 2010

Roses "Pierre de Ronsard'

Pierre de Ronsard' Climbing Rose also know as Eden Rose or Eden Climber in my neck of the woods is an outstanding rose. Pictured here at my Home in Whitby, Ontario it is one of my most treasured roses.

The rose was named after Pierre de Ronsard a court poet in Scotland and France who was known to be a keen gardener.

This rose can be grown in Zones 4-9 and is described as being a vigorous climber. Here in Whitby a zone 5a the canes can be a bit winter sensitive. One year you will have a plethora or blooms and the next year half as many, due to canes that have died off over the winter. The leaves are large, bright green and semi-glossy. It is fairly disease resistant although with our humid summers you have to watch for black-spot and powdery mildew. In my region 'Pierre de Ronsard' puts forth a prolific display of blooms in June. It will then repeat bloom throughout the season (if dead headed), but to a much, much lesser extent.

When my 'Pierre de Ronsard' Climbing Rose blooms here in Whitby, Ontario I grab a cup of coffee and head for the garden where the tantalizing aroma and star struck beauty can engage me for hours.

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