Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unique Storage Solutions

Wooden Storage Bins for Under The bed

Here is an attractive alternative to the Walmart style plastic bins for under the bed. Make these wooden storage bins out of ply-wood or some other suitable building material. Sand them down really good and fill any knot holes. Prime then paint with a high gloss enamel (for durability) or some other suitable paint. Paint each box a different colour, or alternate 2 or 3 colours that match the colour scheme of the room and the bedding. Finish the top edges with a moulding if desired. Note:to complete the look the bed can also be painted to match. Great for children's rooms. Can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the decor of the room.

Bookshelf Closet Door

I saw this unique storage treatment many years ago and made a mental bookmark. This design is perfect for a small bedroom. Build-in custom bookshelves on the closet end of the room. Build one of the shelving units to cover the width of the closet door opening plus an additional 1" to 6" (so that the wall will stop the swing closed). Use a good quality piano hinge or some other suitable hinge that will be able to bear the weight of the bookshelf door. Build a second unit close enough the the first to look like one continuous unit, but leave enough space so they do not bind when opening and closing. Note: Do not make your units to deep 6" to 12" should be good. Any more and they become to heavy to operate.

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